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Less side to side rocking
Obtain a more stable, surer ride
Helpful for travelers with motion sickness

    When it comes to improving ride and handling on most chassis for the Class A
    motorhome, the T-3 product line can't be beaten. We use special shock absorbers to
    obtain a more stable, surer ride. With motorhomes growing taller, more people will
    want less side to side rocking.

    The original Anti-Rock kit was developed in 1978 and proved to be one of our best
    selling products. Your RV has its own special feel to you.  Therefore, the pressure in
    the Anti-Rock can be controlled for your own comfort.  The more pressure in the unit,
    the less rock.  You may use a minimum of 30 psi to a maximum of 100 psi air in each
    cylinder. The kit has air fill valves to each wheel well. Helpful for travelers with motion
    sickness, too. You'll feel the difference as soon as you get behind the wheel.

    We use special Anti-Rock shocks for the taller diesels coaches. This kit will minimize
    the rock and roll.  It has all the same features for better ride and handling,but without
    the air fill valves.

    Handling, performance, and a smooth ride. All the things you expect in a product
    designed by 3-T's RV Products, Inc.


Starting at the minimum pressure of 30 pounds in each side, let a passenger ride in the
rear of your RV as you drive down a familiar section of rough roadway.  At five pound
intervals-from 30 Increase to 35 - keep increasing the pressure until the passenger in the
rear notices a
bouncy type ride. Then back down the pressure by five pounds  This
should give you the ultimate in ride and control.

Always remember that you can lose up to four psi in the Anti-Rock cylinder each time you
check its air pressure, and allow for this.

There is no maintenance on this systm.  But if for any resason the units need to be
removed, the cyclinder bolts should be retightend to 50 foot pounds when replaced.  The
air line connection should be finger tight.  Do not use a wrench on these connectors.


The warranty on the T-3 ANTI-ROCK is one year on defective parts.  This system is
designed to work with proper tire inflation for your particular RV.  Refer to your chassis
owners' manual for this information.  The T-3 ANTI-ROCK is a patented product.
T-3 Anti Rock
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