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    3-T's RV Products, Inc. was founded by Paul Smith in Burbank, California in 1975. The company headquarters
    and service facilities were relocated to Lake Havasu City, Arizona (home of the London Bridge) in 1990. In 2001
    Paul's daughter and son in law, Tina and John Visser took over day to day activities of running the business. So
    over 44 years this has been a family owned and operated company.  

    We've been asked many times how we come up with new products. It's not an easy process. Sometimes a new
    product comes from feedback we receive from our customers. Sometimes it comes from an opportunity we find
    during our travels. You see, the entire Smith family has been enjoying the RV lifestyle for well over 40 years.

    Most often a new product comes from the creativity of Paul Smith. He is the kind of person who can look at a
    situation and see a solution to it.  

    The very first product, the T-1 Control Arm, was developed in 1973 after Paul saw the opportunity to put a
    special brace across the frame of the original Dodge chassis were the rear of front springs contact the frame.
    This product stopped the flex in the frame rails and provided a much smoother ride. Then one product led to the
    next and that's how the business developed.

    Each product takes months to fully be designed and tested before we release it. Sometimes we use customers
    as our first testers so we can hear about a real life experience, rather than just getting data from a test track.  

    3-T's specializes in suspension solutions for recreational vehicles of every make and model. We design,
    manufacture and install the latest in suspension technologies while working closely with the industry's leading
    manufacturers and NHTSA certified testing stations to provide your family with reliability and safety on your
    journeys through our great nation.

    3-T's prides itself on the ability to make your motorhome or pick-up truck drive and handle safely and efficiently.
    Our suspension products are easy to understand, and are manufactured using suspension guidelines produced
    by the industry's top research facilities. Built to the exact specifications of each motorhome/truck chassis,
    suspension products include special shock absorption systems and suspension air bags designed to lift and
    control movement. 3-T's works with the industry's leading manufacturers including Monroe, Firestone Industrial
    Products and HWH Corporation. All products are fully tested and backed by a full factory warranty for your
    protection and peace of mind.

    Our record of success in refitting recreational vehicle suspension systems for more than 35 years is living proof
    that we don't take shortcuts with your family's safety. Our comprehensive product line will make your motorhome
    or truck ride smoothly and handle safely with a minimum of swaying. Just wait until you experience cornering,
    changing lanes or high wind conditions with our suspension solutions. People with motion sickness have
    commented about the incredible changes our products have made.

    "You have a friend in the RV business": 3-T's RV Products, Inc.

    Affordable suspension systems is what 3-T's is all about! Thank you for visiting, please come back and tell your
    friends about us.

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