Customer Comments
We were concerned while passing, being passed and following behind large truck and trailers before we had the (T-19)
Wheel tamers installed.  We really don't notice and have no worry following passing or being passed by them.  We have alos
noticed foing over speed mubps or doing up driveswyas on the diagonal the motorhome feels very first and do not sway,
rock or feel sloopy (
T-3) Anti Rock.
Mike Nash
2015 Ford CHassis

We took our trip to Nascar and it handled great.  We would pass big rigs and the motorhome did not sway much at all if any.  
It also handled great in the wind.  I think this would be an asset if Winnebago added this to its motorhomes.
Greg and Marge Campbell
2014 Ford Chassis

I installed the T-3 and T-818. On the first outing the ride difference was immediate. I drove 100 miles in some pretty good
winds and was thinking a 60-65 % improvement, until I tried to open the coach door and had a hard time against the actual
24mph gusting to 36 mph winds...I now rate the improvement closer to 90% for my class A.
Thanks for your help...
Ely, MN

I was at your shop, the T-818 & T-3 was installed, rv weighed (never done this with previous rv's - what a dummy; now I
know the proper tire pressures to use on each axle), and a laser front end alignment and adjustment (do suspension work +
front end alignment= dollars in the pocket).
Ford F53 incomplete chassis feels like it is mated to a my high profile motorhome.
Smoother ride, more precise steering, less pitch & roll, cross winds are less noticeable as well as the passing of tractor
Another kudos for me is I found a shop that I would return to, and during my wait, any questions I had asked, were answered
with the up most friendlyness, expertise and professionalism.
Gary Chuck
Las Vegas, NV

We just got home from our four month trip and wanted to share our experience with your new product.
We are very pleased with the new addition of the Steering Stabilizer
(T-19).  I was able to drive most of the way home from
the Sierra's with one hand instead of two hands and white knuckles.
3T's comes through again.  Thanks for your continuing efforts to make our Motor Home experience a good one.
Joan and Lee Elliott
Lake Havasu, AZ

I have been a race car driver for many years. I know when a car handles right or wrong. I have driven Sprint cars, Stock
Cars, Cam Amm cars road racing and ovel track.
When 3 t's put there steering on my motor home I just could not believe the different in how my motor home steers.
It is one of the handling of any motor home I have ever driven.
Thanks you 3 T'S
Bob Harrington
Santee, CA

We had 3-T’s RV installed a road stabilizer(T-818) * (T-3) on our 2010 Winnebago and it’s made a world of difference!  
Before the stabilizer it was a scary drive especially when it was windy; now there is much more control.  We recommend
anyone driving a motor home to consider getting a stabilizer kit.  
We also had three MCD shades installed on the three gigantic front windows.   Now when we sit up front the sun doesn’t
shine in our faces and it cut down the heat by 50%.  We highly recommend 3-T’s RV for all your RV
services they do an
excellent job.  This was our first motor home and the first year would have been ugly if it wasn’t for John and Tina!  We
appreciate you guys!
Harry & Marie Caserman
Lake Havasu. Az

After installation of your (T-19) front end kit I was impressed with the handling difference. When I passed trucks during high
winds my coach remained stable. What really impressed me was when I encountered a road with deep ruts in the asphalt, the
rear of the coach wanted to sway but the front tires tracked true and straight.
Thanks very much
Skeet and Peggy Smith
Las Vegas, NV

3Ts is one of the very few companies in this country that gets an outstanding from us.  We do not find technical knowledge,
professional work and honesty of the sort we experienced at 3Ts very often.  Their prices are fair and the customer is treated
with great respect and appreciation.  We drove 1000 miles for our recent
service and it was well worth it--we cannot
recommend them highly enough.
Dick and Mary Hahn

Earlier this month we had 3Ts install a steering system (T-19) on our 2008 Winnebago Tour.  For the most part in the past we
have been very pleased with the way this motorhome has handled under most road conditions.
Since the system was installed we drove the motorhome from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Yuma, AZ and noticed that the
steering has a much firmer feel about it.
On April 17, 2012 we left Yuma driving East on I-8, to I-10 through New Mexico to Anthony, TX.  During this trip we
experieced passing and being passed by semi trucks and feeling no pull as previously felt under those circumstances.
Upon our return to Yuma we encountered very windy conditions.  The new steering mechanism really proved to be a great
addition to our motorhome.  In the past when we have had strong winds such as that, we sometimes found a place to park
until the winds let up or wrestled with the steering wheel to keep the rig moving forward on the road.
We are very pleased with the addition of the steering set-up to our motorhome and would highly recommend it to others.
Thank You,
Don & Merith Cowden

We don't kn We did not know that a motor home could drive so good when you put the T-3 Anti-Rock and the T-818 Handling
package on this motor home. The ride home was so much better, we did not feel like this RV was going to tip over going
around corners or we did not have slow so far down we almost stopped.. It was great to have a better ride just by putting
them on here. Oh and the Cyclones Vents wow it is nice to open windows again and not have to put up with a smell any more.
The pantry is so much better now that you all fixed it from dragging all the time. I could keep going on and on but you have the
idea. I would recommend 3T's to all my friends who have a motor home that needs thing fixed on it. Both John and Tina and
there Crew are just the best when it comes to getting your motor home fixed.
Joe and Debbie Yesensky

Hi Tina, I am very pleased with the work done yesterday. I could tell the difference right away and we had some pretty stiff
winds for awhile and it really helped
(T-19 )Steering Package. The change in the tire pressure sure made a difference in the
ride too. Thanks for a great job. Much appreciated.
Don (Gummy)

Hi Everyone;
My human Mom asked me to tell everyone a little story.  We have a summer home, Itasca Suncruiser, that my Brother and I
love except when it is moving.  When it moves my Mom & Dad, Lolly& Lee Dague, end up yelling at us because we have
oops on the floor & carpeting and they have to clean it up. I even found a nice cool place under the couch to stay and that
didn’t even help.   Well,  they were told about some parts for our motorhome,
T-3 Anti-Rock & T-818 Handling Pkg, that would
put a stop to all our problems.  So, we left our town, Pahrump NV, and traveled to 3T’s in Lake Havasu City, AZ to meet Tina,
John & Rick.  Thank you 3T’s for taking care of my tummy problems & my Brothers also.   I sorry we still hide from you, but
one of these days we will finally meet.  Thanks also for putting the mud flaps on that says CATS RV, because it really is
ours.   Thanks again
Torri and Tiger

Both Cheri & I are very pleased with the front end mod (T-19) to our 04 Meridian.  
We had a tailwind for most the way up to Vegas.  Still it was very easy to drive.  Heading west to Pahrump, we ran into a
cross wind with yet a small tailwind.  Winds were pretty constant at around 20 mph with not very many gusts.  I was driving
with one hand for most of the way.  So I was impressed.  
I even took my hands off the wheel with the tailwind on 95 and it went straight down the road for a long time.  
When Cheri says something positive, you know she noticed a difference.
Ed & Cheri Palmruetter

    We are in Indio starting to head for home. The coach is handling great. At the park here, we met a couple from Langley B.
    C. Driving a 2011 Winnebago Adventurer. He was really impressed by the new shock system (T-818) and has already
    checked both your company and the Monroe shock system on the Internet.  Again thanks for the great service.
Ian , Colleen and Cancy

I want to echo all of the wonderful comments I heard about 3-T's and their work from customers.  They go the extra mile to
help get you back on the road and do what they can to keep the costs down.  It was well worth the drive to have them help me
Billy Gwin

John, Tina and crew did a great job of getting us back on the road.  Thank you for all of your help.
Nick and Dee Cheshire

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Your service was wonderful... Hope to see you next year.
Richard and Bonnie Munday

    You always take such good care of us and our motorhome! The service you provide is outstanding and your prices are
    more than fair!. We appreciate your competence and honesty and highly recommend
    3-T's to others for all their RV needs.
Danny & Marci Q

    Just a note to John & Tina Visser, thank you for your prompt and courteous attention to our Motorhome we bought from
    you a couple of years ago. I highly recommend your business to all our friends who want prompt, fast and good service.
    Have lived in Lake Havasu City for 18 years and would not take our Motorhome any other place.
Irv & Cris Jenkins  

    It is such a blessing to have you guys......we so appreciate knowing that, if we have an RV problem, we have friendly,
    experienced, knowledgeable people to turn to. It is a little scary out there these days if you don't have a reliable place to
    come to. So thanks again and we will be seeing you.
Jim & Sandy Vierra

    We have a 2004 Itasca Meridian and have been going to 3-T’s for service the past three years. The service has always
    been excellent. John and Tina Visser and their employees are very knowledgeable and well trained. The atmosphere is
    very warm and friendly - great personalities. They all bend over backwards to provide the best service possible. They go
    out of their way to explain what’s wrong, how long it will take to repair, or if parts need to be ordered. We can’t say
    enough good things about 3-T’s. They are extremely dependable, reliable, and competent. We always recommend them
    to anyone in need of excellent service.  
Barbara J. Acker and Judith A. Duesterberg

    We would like to thank you for the excellent service; everyone there is so knowledgeable about motorhome problems.
    You know what to do and you do it. We know our problems will be solved and the price is good. The atmosphere is so
    friendly. Tina, you go that extra mile for your customer. John, you saved our motorhome!!! We will never forget that. We
    will keep a list of problems that come up and stop to see you every year no matter where we are--it's worth it to have
    people you can trust and enjoy dealing with.  
Ben & Bonnie Ackerman

    Getting my HWH leveler jack fixed at 3-Ts RV Products, Inc. is the best RV service visit that I have ever had (and I have
    had many). Our order was processed quickly and efficiently and we were even given a great tip on where to eat
    breakfast. By the time we had our omelet and shopped at Wal-Mart we were fixed and on our way back to the RV park in
    Ehrenberg. The leveler was made better than new with improved replacement parts and paperwork was prepared to
    streamline the claim for our insurance company.
Steven L. Baker Vancouver, WA

    I  cannot say enough about the way we are treated. Your expertise In the RV industry is exceptional. I had several major
    issues with my coach that no one could fix. I contacted Winnebago Industries with a slide half way out. They
    recommended 3-T's in Lake Havasu, AZ. I called them from Yuma, AZ. and they set up an appointment. They have been
    doing all my warranty and service work since March of 2008. Their expertise, honesty and knowledge are second to
    none. Their hospitality and on sight conveniences are also second to none. I live in Las Vegas, NV and will drive the 135
    miles any day for their service. I will and do recommend them to anyone that needs a good competent, honest, service
Lonnie L. Groenke, Las Vegas, Nevada

I wish to thank you for your professional service and excellent work you have done on my coach over the years at your
facility in Arizona
Mike and Elaine Loscher

    Gina and I wanted to thank you for the work done on our motorhome. We really appreciated the quality of work done by
    John, Rick, and James. We will certainly give 3-T's a good word whenever possible. It sure was nice having a spot to
    park while the work was being done. That was a real positive. Thanks for accommodating us. Again, thanks for the
    wonderful service and we'll see you in October. We'll call in Sept. There are some other things that need to be looked at.
    Take care and keep cool this summer. Happy Customers,  
Carl and Gina Rogers from Great Falls, Montana

    Thank you so much for getting us in for service. We appreciate your knowledge, honesty and customer service. Please
    thank Rick for all of his hard work also. It is so reassuring to know that we have such a quality service center where we
    can bring our coach for service.
Doug and Liz

    Really can't say enough about my antirock(T-3), I didn't realize how tight I was gripping my steering wheel. Now the RV
    drives like a car; no sway when the big semi's rush by, and no bouncing when I turn onto uneven streets. Thanks again for
    everything; have a wonderful holiday.

    Thanks John for talking me into putting the Anti-Rock(T-3) on our 2004 Vectra Motorhome. When leaving Lake Havasu
    City, we encountered high winds off & on and the motorhome handled beautifully. It also handled much better on rough
    roads and in the mountains. I would recommend this product for all motorhome. Thanks to all the people at 3-T's for all
    your ideas, help & wonderful friendship.
George & Joanne Rasmussen WIT # W127110

    We would like to thank you for all your help. My husband and I are very satisfied with the anti-shock system (T-3) you
    installed on our RV last March. You have really gone all out for us and it is a pleasure to recommend you and your
    business to anyone in the RV world.  
Josie & Juan Julian

    WOW!! We can honestly say the handling package (T-818) made the difference between night and day!! The Meridian not
    only rode smoother, but many of the squeaks and rattles were gone!! Prior to having the handling package put in, we
    could see and hear the TV rattling and bouncing. We took the "back way" home on the roller coaster road past Glamis
    into El Centro, and didn't feel a bump. When vehicles passed us or came towards us, there was NO motion in the RV.
    We are THRILLED!! Thank you and John and Paul very very much!! This was money well spent!!  
Tom and Kathie King

    We want to let you know how very pleased we are with the 3-Ts Ride & Handling (T-818) Package that you installed on
    our 2007 Ellipse. We drove from Lake Havasu City to Quartzsite and it handled very well in turns especially considering
    the quite windy conditions we had that day. Of course this is not our first ride handling installed one on our
    2004 Itasca Suncruiser and it was also great. We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the great support
    and help with warranty issues on both and your staff are just the best! Happy Trails,
Jim & Sandy Vierra

    I appreciate your package, the 3-Ts door stop (T-21) looks great, I like the design. I will pass the good word, as I always
    do, about your service and products.
Gary and Linda Lynch

    Wanted to let you know that since you installed the mini skirts (T-22) on my Vectra, the fuel mileage has increased by two
    tenths of a mile. Thank you  
Stan Fazakerley
928-453-3040  USA 800-223-1779
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