Less fatigue at the end of your trip
Provides more positive steering
Improves tire life

    The Handling Package will make your motorhome handle more like a luxury vehicle. This kit will help with the
    "white knuckle" drive, meaning less fatigue at the end of your trip. It provides more positive steering, a
    smoother ride, less front-end pitch and roll and improves tire life. This kit consists of special shock absorbers
    and a special steering damper. You'll feel the difference as soon as you get behind the wheel because this
    product makes your STEERING WHEEL work less.

Monroe, the leading manufacturer of shock absorber systems in the U.S.,working with 3-T's introduced a line of
shock absorber for RV's. As motorhome weight distribution is different that any other vehicle on the highway.  

The Handling Package uses a non-gas shock absorber to provide quicker response and a smooth, controlled ride
for today's Workhorse, Ford, and Freightliner chassis.  Adding a steering damper to  give a more positive feel in the
wind, on curves and off ramps.

Kit includes front shocks and steering dampener.  With mounting brackets for bolt on applications.

The high performance steering damper acts as a horizontal shock absorber to dampen vibrations in the steering
system before they reach the driver. A special gas cell minimizes fluid aeration and prevents fluid starvation.

The gas cell steering damper has:
Multi lip seal
Heavy duty chrome plated piston rod
1-3/8" piston rod
10 stage full displacement valving

The RV shocks will provide you with:
Better steering
Smoother ride
Less driving fatigue
Minimized front-end pitch and roll
Improved tire life
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T-818 Handling Package
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