Allows an owner to maintain side to side trim
Reduces rear sagging to keep the coach level
Improves the ride and handling
Springs have reversed arch? Freeway hop? Rear end sag?

3-T's RV Products has the solution and it's called the T-9 System Air.
With the System Air you can adjust your motorhome suspension for the subtle changes that occur after the rear springs take a
set. If you are too heavy on one side, the air pressure can be increased to make it sit level from side to side.
System Air was designed and patented to assist rear leaf spring suspension systems on pick-up trucks, vans and motorhomes
up to 30,000 GVWR. The unique features of this product are that it allows an owner to maintain side to side trim, reduces rear
sagging to keep the coach level AND improves the ride and handling at the same time. That's a lot!
This system mounts on the spring, therefore allowing the air to work with the spring rather than sitting on the axle and taking
away from the spring. There are air lines to both wheel wells so that you can maintain independent air pressure control. System
Air wasn't designed as a lift kit but to keep a unit level side to side, or front to rear. This will enhance the spring's capability up
to 1800 pounds per side.
And talk about handling--less freeway hop, easier steering, better lane change control. Makes riding in the rear more
comfortable than riding up front!

For owners of older coaches equipped with Mor/Ryde tag axles, no more sagging rear end! The System Air was designed to
make the Mor/Ryde perform better. If you eliminate the sag, you decrease roll and sway on the road.
A level vehicle is a safer vehicle. If the vehicle is sagging to the rear, you may need to carry a higher air pressure to get your
springs back to normal. Later, you can readjust for a smooth ride. It may require up to 500 miles of driving until you can see that
your RV is level. There is no maintenance on the System Air--just check the air pressure when you check your tire air pressure.
The T-9 System air does not replace any part of your present suspension system. It is an additional component, installed
between the frame and rear spring of the vehicle. The T-9 System Air kit contains air sleeves, upper and lower mounting
brackets, nuts and bolts, air line and fittings. The system is designed for individual side to side leveling. Full instructions come
with each kit.
All the things you expect in a product designed by 3-T's RV Products, Inc!
T-9 System Air
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